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Author's Note: This is fic doesn't take place in a set universe, not the game's or the anime's because it has elements from both universes and at the end of the day, it's just fandom. xD

I want Kirby to resemble his game universe self in this fic instead of his anime self although there's no official age for Kirby in the games, so just think of Kirby as however old you want him to be, same with Meta. All characters are also their game versions of themselves, no human forms for Kirby or Meta Knight.  Puffball forms!  Not sure if Meta's puffy..  I'm getting off topic!

THIS IS MY FIRST FANFICTION!!!! Please give constructive criticism instead of just saying it sucks, I want to know how I can make my next ones better!

Author's Note End.

"Hiyah!" Kirby in his Sword Form cried out as he leaped forward attempting to slash Meta Knight with his sword. Meta Knight simply tilted his body at just the right angle to avoid the blade of Kirby's sword precisely. Meta Knight sighed in disappointment of Kirby's performance.

"Kirby!" Meta Knight scolded as he pointed his finger directly at Kirby's eyes, "You can't hit me with such obvious attacks. Try again and try to surprise me this time!"

"Come ooon!" Kirby whined irritated by Meta Knight's scolding, "We've been training for hours, I can't keep up anymore! It's late, I wanna go home!"

"Stop complaining Kirby. You need this training and you're not going home until you leave a mark on my mask!"

"Why do I need it?!" Kirby raised his voice getting more irritated, "I beat every demon beast King Dedede sends after me anyway! You've been a swordsman way longer than me, give me a break!"

"Stop being such a spoiled brat! You're a Star Warrior! Now act like one, Kirby of the Stars!" Meta Knight shouted as he kicked Kirby back, distancing the two to give them enough space for fencing again.

"Fine!" Kirby said as he leaped forward again swinging his sword at Meta Knight.

Meta Knight stepped aside and dodged it with the precise angle just like he did Kirby's last attempt to slash him.  Kirby then started swinging his sword as Meta Knight with a barrage of slashes instead of just one slash.  Meta Knight knew Kirby's attack pattern because he tried this earlier during their training today and he blocked every single slash in the barrage of slashes Kirby swung.  He kicked Kirby back again to distance themselves again.

Kirby stood still after he recovered from the knock of the kick, heavily breathing out of exhaustion and fatigue. Kirby knew there was no point in complaining, Meta Knight isn't going to let him go anywhere until he leaves a mark on his mask. Kirby stood still and studied Meta Knight as Meta Knight stared at him trying to anticipate his next move. Kirby cried out and leaped towards Meta Knight with another barrage of slashes. Meta Knight blocked several hits from the barrage until Kirby paused.

Meta Knight had already been anticipating another slash so he put his sword up where he thought Kirby would strike next… But he didn't.  Meta Knight took the bait Kirby set and Kirby took the moment to slash horizontally straight through Meta Knight's mask. Meta Knight's mask slashed in half, fell onto the ground, revealing his true face.

A round blue body, yellow glowing eyes and purple marks on the side of his face, identical to the red ones Kirby had on his pink body. Kirby gazed in curiosity as he saw what was behind Meta Knight's mask for the first time in his life. But just as Kirby was inspecting Meta Knight's face, Meta Knight quickly covered most of it with his cape, making only the top blue half of his body and his yellow eyes visible to Kirby. "You passed."

Kirby, not even listening to what Meta Knight said, released his Sword ability from himself and got closer to Meta Knight, pulling away Meta Knight's cape so he could see his face again. Kirby gazed closer into Meta Knight's eyes with his own bright blue eyes. Without realizing it, Kirby's face was a millimeter away from Meta Knight's. Meta Knight, however realized it and pushed him back with his hands, softly though, not like the strong kicks he gave Kirby during their training earlier.

"You can go home now," Meta Knight said as he covered his face again with his cape.  Kirby knew not to try to pull Meta Knight's cape again, he didn't want to make him mad.

"You look like me," Kirby said full of curiosity.

Meta Knight, saying nothing in return turned away trying to hide his face.  However, his eyes started glowing blue and he wasn't covering his entire face, so he couldn't keep Kirby from noticing it.

"I know what your eyes mean, Mety," Kirby said grinning, his mood had been completely uplifted, "You're happy!"

"You can go home now, Kirby. Isn't that what you wanted to do all day?" Meta Knight murmured quietly.

Kirby responded cheerfully, "That's what I wanted to do. Now I wanna see your face!"

"Meet me here again tomorrow for training Kirby. You need to be able to adapt faster than you did today and you need to be consistent," Meta Knight said as he pretended to ignore what Kirby said, still with his eyes glowing blue.

"What about your mask, I can't slash it if it's broken.  You'll have to train me without your mask," Kirby began to start taunting Meta Knight happily.

"I'll fix it," Meta Knight responded instantly.

There was silence for awhile, a good minute or two. Meta Knight's eyes finally stopped glowing blue and returned to their normal yellow state.  Kirby walked over to Meta Knight, but didn't pull his cape away this time. "Why don't you want me to see your face? I won't tell anyone, I promise."

Meta Knight looked away, completely silent. Not saying a word, not making a noise.

"Meta Knight…" Kirby's voice started to get emotional, Meta Knight noticed this and turned towards Kirby, still covering his face with his cape as much as he could though.

"I don't want you to hide your face because…" Kirby's started to turn red, he was blushing without even realizing it, "Because…"

Meta Knight stared at Kirby as he could obviously tell Kirby was trying to tell him something that was important.

"Because I think you're beautiful!" Kirby shouted it out to get it over with and clamped his eyes shut, scared of Meta Knight's reaction. Kirby's face was turned completely red as he confessed to Meta Knight.

Meta Knight's eyes turned pink. That color indicates he's amused, but because Kirby's eyes are still clamped, he can't see Meta Knight's eyes. "Not as beautiful as you, Kirby of the Stars."

Kirby opened his eyes to see Meta Knight with his cape pulled back, not hiding anything from Kirby anymore with his glowing pink eyes. Kirby was completely silent though. He had no idea what to say, he just stared at Meta Knight, it was so uncharacteristic of him to say such things.

"You're the shy one now," Meta Knight was now the one to taunt Kirby, smirking in amusement.

"It's not like you," Meta Knight continued to smirk, "Let's change that."

As Meta Knight said that, he grabbed Kirby and embraced him as he locked his lips onto Kirby's. Meta Knight then tightened his grip on Kirby as he started to kiss him, swirling his tongue around in Kirby's mouth. Kirby was still as a rock and just let Meta Knight do as he pleased as he blushed harder than he ever had before in his life, he had no idea how to react to this from Meta Knight.

Meta Knight continued dominating Kirby's mouth with the wetness of his tongue for a little over a minute then broke the kiss because he knew Kirby needed to breathe. As Kirby was finally released from Meta Knight's grasp and kiss, he took a moment to breathe to get some fresh air then stared Meta Knight in the eyes, unable to stop blushing.

"Kirby, you promised not to tell anyone what I look like, right?" Meta Knight asked, unable to stop smirking.

Kirby nodded, unable to come up with words to describe how he felt right now.

"Can you make me another promise?" Meta Knight asked, egging Kirby on.

Kirby nodded once again, overwhelmed by embarrassment and happiness he's never felt before. Too overwhelmed by them to speak.

"Promise me you'll never tell anyone about us being together. No one,"  Meta Knight put a lot of emphasis on his last sentence.

Kirby responded the same way he did to the last two things Meta Knight told him, he just nodded again.

"I want to hear you say it, Kirby,"

Kirby kept blushing, trying to form words "I…"


"I promise, Meta Knight…" Kirby finally manage to get words out of his mouth after being silent for so long.

"Kirby, quit being so shy. I did something earlier I would've expected you to do instead of me," Meta Knight said trying to get Kirby to talk.

"What?" Kirby asked, he was in so much awe, he could barely even say that one word and his thinking was so off, he had no idea what Meta Knight was talking about.

"Figure it out," Meta Knight smirked, "Then do it."

Kirby had no idea what Meta Knight was talking about. He had no idea what to do, he was still being overwhelmed by his feelings for Meta Knight. But…

Kirby acted on an impulse.

Kirby grabbed Meta Knight the same as Meta Knight did to him earlier and pressed his lips against Meta Knight's. Kirby then stuck his tongue into Meta Knight's mouth and swirled his tongue all over Meta Knight's mouth, kissing him the same way Meta Knight did to him minutes ago. This was exactly what Meta Knight wanted, he reacted to Kirby's kiss by swirling his tongue around Kirby's tongue, not letting Kirby be as dominant as he was to him earlier. Kirby and Meta Knight's tongues danced around each other's mouths wetting each other's mouths until they both had to break the kiss to breathe.

"Meta Knight…"


The two Star Warriors gazed into each others' beautiful eyes. Neither of them could deny their mutual feelings for each other at this point.

"Meta Knight…" Kirby whispered, he overcame his nervousness after the kiss, but could still barely talk due to being exhausted by the hours of training earlier and now the two kisses he just shared with Meta Knight.

"Yes, Kirby?" Meta Knight responded quietly as well, it became evident he was exhausted as well.

"I love you, Meta Knight," Kirby said as his eyes began to water up with happiness.

Kirby hugged Meta Knight and embraced him tightly with all the affection he could give. This was the start of the relationship of the two Star Warriors, Kirby of the Stars and Meta Knight. A relationship that will last for the rest of their lives.

Author's Note: Well, that was my first fanfiction! It was a Kirby x Meta Knight oneshot, I hope it was okay. >.<

Please give feedback, I want to know what you think! Maybe I'll do a full length Kirby x Meta fic once I improve my writing skills!
My first fanfic. It's KirbyxMeta, I hope you like. >.<
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Overall this was really cute, and great for your first fanfic! I especially liked when Kirby was staring at Meta right up in his face :XD: I could totally visualize that happening.

For constructive criticism:
-I agree with LoveBobu in that some setting would help... but I'm bad at settings ^^;
-Meta Knight's eyes are white without his mask, not yellow. You can see this if you look at screenshots of the second his mask splits in the games. Did you make up the thing about Meta's eyes changing color based on his emotions? I'm not familiar with that, but then I haven't seen much of the anime, so I wouldn't know if it's from that.
-You're missing a lot of commas. (I teach college English classes, so I might be the only one who notices that kind of thing, though :XD: ) You might look up commas on a grammar website to find out when you need to use them, but here's an example:

"Meet me here again tomorrow for training Kirby. You need to be able to adapt faster than you did today and you need to be consistent,"

First you need a comma between training and Kirby - you set off names like that when you're addressing someone in a sentence. Also, you need one between today and and - you separate independent clauses (phrases that could be sentences by themselves) with a comma and conjunction.

-The only other thing that seemed a little weird was how sudden the first kiss was; it didn't seem like Meta Knight to just up and kiss Kirby right away. Also them saying they loved each other was kind of sudden... but since this isn't a multichapter story, I can understand why you did it.
KirbyMeta4Ever Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
Oh and yeah, Meta Knight's eyes glow different colors depending on his emotions in the anime.


Forgot to say that in my previous response.
LoftyBalloon Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
Ooh okay! That's actually pretty neat :D I should watch more of the anime.
KirbyMeta4Ever Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2012
Thanks for the critique! I'll use it to make my future fics better!

With the setting, I was thinking it would be something similar to the canyon where Kirby fought Meta in episode 3 of the anime, but I should've described it! >.< Also yeah, I apologize if it seemed awkward how Kirby and Meta got together right away, but this was more or less a test oneshot because it was my first fic.

Just posted that paragraph above to let you know some things and once again, thanks for the critique, I'll use it to make my next fic better! :)
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that was really great! :clap:
...though you could have described a setting :/
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